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Bluetooth Speakers, VAVA VOOM 22 Wireless Speaker (30W Hi-Fi Sound, Bass EQ, Bluetooth or 3.5mm Connection, Built-In Controls, Charger Port for Phones, Add a Second Speaker for Home Theater System)

Bluetooth Speakers, VAVA VOOM 22 Wireless Speaker (30W Hi-Fi Sound, Bass EQ, Bluetooth or 3.5mm Connection, Built-In Controls, Charger Port for Phones, Add a Second Speaker for Home Theater System)

Bluetooth Speakers, VAVA VOOM 22 Wireless Speaker (30W Hi-Fi Sound, Bass EQ, Bluetooth or 3.5mm Connection, Built-In Controls, Charger Port for Phones, Add a Second Speaker for Home Theater System)

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Product Description

A speaker is measured by its sound quality, which is why the VAVA VOOM 22 is capable of delivering rich, clear high-fidelity audio. The 30W wireless speaker also features a powerful bass EQ mode that adds the low ends of your favorite songs so you can really feel that deep bass. Cable Connection or Wireless Playback No matter how you prefer to connect, the VOOM 22 has you covered. Choose between the standard 3.5mm audio cable connection, or go wireless with Bluetooth for the freedom to move around. Must Have Built-In Functions For a better experience, enjoy two great extra features: a 5V/1A USB output to charge devices, and built-in controls on top of the speaker to set the bass EQ, change tracks, adjust volume, and more. Add a Second Speaker Double up on audio bliss by adding a second VAVA VOOM 22 for a true wireless speaker set. Connected only by Bluetooth, this 100% cable-free speaker system supports left and right stereo channels for a deeper, fuller sound. Design that Inspires and Motivates A winner of the Red Dot Design Award, the VOOM 22 features a soft fabric finish with a solid body construction. Together you have a winning speaker that is suitable for living rooms, home theatres, bedrooms, garages, and more. What’s in the Box: 1 x VAVA VOOM 22 Bluetooth Speaker (Model: VA-SK003) 1 x 18V/2A DC Adapter 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable 1 x User Guide

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #11402 in Home Theater
  • Color: gray
  • Brand: VAVA
  • Model: VA-SK003
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 9.84" h x 4.33" w x 5.91" l, 3.88 pounds


  • 30W Hi-Fi sound: Enjoy high-fidelity audio made more powerful with 30W drivers and a bass EQ to get the party started
  • Cable connection or wireless playback: Choose between a standard 3.5mm audio cable connection or pair with Bluetooth for wireless music
  • Must have built-in functions: Full controls of the EQ, track selection, volume adjustment, and more; a 5V/1A USB output to charge devices
  • Pair with a second speaker: Add a second VAVA VOOM 22 that connects to each other via Bluetooth for a true wireless speaker set that needs no cables; supports left and right stereo channels for deeper, fuller sound
  • Design that inspires and motivates: The Red Dot Award winning speaker features a timeless design thanks to the soft fabric finish

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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By Graham H.
Had it for 2 months and then it broke. It stopped sending out a bluetooth signal for cell phones to pair up to it. Lame...

11 of 11 people found the following review helpful.
5Listening to this speaker will have you salivating for another...think True Wireless Speaker System...
By d.e.
All things said & done, the VAVA VOOM 22 speaker is quite impressive. Speaker build is solid and the mesh fabric covering is easy on the hands and eyes. The sound produced is clean and powerful.

How long, you ask, will this speaker survive once un-tethered from electrical power? According to the kind folks at Sunvalleytek, each speaker has a 4000mAh lithium-ion battery. Each may play up to 4-6 hours post 3-4 hour full charge. On the back of the speaker is a port for charging other devices if you wish to do so.

The system is advertised as “30W Hi-Fi Sound.” According to vava.com, “Each VAVA Voom 22 unit comes packed with a 10W driver and 20W subwoofer.” Houston, we have liftoff!

How about the enhanced bass? Pressing the Bass EQ button is literally, well, like a kick in the bass. The speaker literally erupts into a different dimension. Tap the volume button a few times and it’s time to pay attention to the music, as conversation becomes too difficult.

Speaker re-location? Moving the speaker from location to location is facilitated by the bass port at the back of the speaker, which essentially becomes a handle.

Adding a second speaker (strongly recommended) creates a True Wireless Speaker combo, a solid base from which a ‘true wireless’ entertainment system may be developed.

At one time I had the proverbial ‘stereo system,’ with amp, pre-amp, tuner, cassette deck, turntable, Bose speakers, etc. After years & years of carting that system around I decided to liquidate everything. Now I’m in process of building a system from scratch relevant to current space-saving & multi-use options. Purchase of the VAVA VOOM 22 True Wireless Stereo system initiates my quest.

Changing volume was initially of major concern. I envisioned one submarine sailor calling out “dive, dive, dive” when volume decreased on one speaker to make the other sailor (in control of the other speaker) aware of the need to decrease volume accordingly. Depending on the nature of the ‘seaside party’ that could spell an all out ‘volume war,’ with frequent barking of volume decrease (“dive, dive, dive) and increase (“come up to depth”) commands. No worries here...when paired, changing volume on one speaker is instantly & telepathically relayed from one to the other sans need to vocalize volume requests. From which speaker volume control is initiated is irrelevant. Volume is magically synchronized and the ‘party in the vessel’ continues without interruptions. Thank goodness. Peace and un-quiet.

Lo and behold, the volume synchrony fears were almost immediately quashed. In addition, when one paired speaker is powered down, the other powers down also.

My speakers paired immediately upon power-up. The speakers are paired when one True Wireless Speaker (TWS) button/indicator flashes (this is the Left Channel speaker) while the other speaker's button (this is the Right Channel speaker) is constantly lit (button is at rear of speaker, labeled with an ‘overlapping circles’ symbol on the button.)

Hope this assists with your purchasing decision, and possibly, subsequent use.

I agree with this recent post:
"5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent
By Amazon Customer on August 4, 2017
Verified Purchase
Great speaker for low price , better than the Vava voom 21".

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5A nice speaker to have for sure
By Jimmy G
I recently purchase the Amazon Dot. I am still testing it for usability and functionality. The Dot is very small comparing to the Amazon Echo which I really wanted. The bass and sound not that great. I have been wandering how I can get the experience of the Echo with the Dot? The Bluetooth VAVA VOOM speakers have been my answer.

I own several speakers. This set of speakers are my favorite by far and here is why:
I have two of them. They work well together and as well as singularly. I have used them individually and moved them from my office, living room, bed room, and even my backyard. They are Bluetooth which make them ideal.
1) They are a true set of wireless speakers. I have them set up in our living room next to my Amazon Dot. They work very well. The benefit of the wireless is evident. You can connect your phone, or other wireless devices to them. It has been an amazing experience. One thing to keep in mind, please read the direction in order to pair the two speakers. There is a left and a right one, or master and slave. It would have been easier if the speakers had some indication on them. I had to figure that out. It took me about 17 minutes from reading the manual to get it working. But, once paired, my goodness, you have the true high fidelity audio and some good bass to get you going.

2) I appreciate their mobility. My goodness, I love this feature more than anything. I have small speakers that you can charge, unplug and use. This one is second to none. They are of 5.9 x 4.3 x 9.8 inches and weighs 3.9 pounds.

You can charge them via AC adapter, then you bring them with you to a party, celebration, presentation, events and so forth. How long does the battery last, I do not know yet. I have used them here and there. They have been on for the past three days and I still have 3 lights on next to the power button. Also, they have not been playing anything continuously. So, it is hard to categorically comment on the life of the battery.

In addition, you can use each speaker independently. My daughters were fighting over taking the speakers to their rooms. Guess what, they each took one. They used them. Then, they brought the speakers downstairs and reunited the speakers for my Dot to use.

3) The features in the back of the speakers are great as well. You can enjoy the 5V/1A USB output. I would have loved that to be greater than that so that I could charge my Dot or my phone. There is also the control panel on top of the speakers, and finally the wired 3.5mm audio playback for the folks using direct connections instead of worrying about Bluetooth.
My final thought is this set of speakers are good value. I love their agility of use. I even use them with my phone and my computer at my desk. I now have a host of usage for them. Now, they are only 60W. I would have loved greater Watts for an outdoor event. In all, this is really nice and I am enjoying it.

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