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BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070) with Sport Mode Designed for Brilliant Fast-Action Sports, Full HD Home Theater Projector with RGBRGB Color Wheel and Built-in Audio

BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070) with Sport Mode Designed for Brilliant Fast-Action Sports, Full HD Home Theater Projector with RGBRGB Color Wheel and Built-in Audio

BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070) with Sport Mode Designed for Brilliant Fast-Action Sports, Full HD Home Theater Projector with RGBRGB Color Wheel and Built-in Audio
From BenQ

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Product Description

BenQ's HT1070 home projector brings the thrill of watching sports games in bars to the comfort of your own home. Gather with friends and family in front of the huge 100" vibrantly projected full-HD video, supported with audio enhancement by Waves. Never miss a detail as HT1070's Sport Mode adds a realistic touch to the lush green grass, while enhancing skin tone of players, transporting you to the stadiums so you cheer on the game

Product Details

  • Brand: BenQ
  • Model: HT1070
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Dimensions: 4.00" h x 8.46" w x 13.63" l, 6.02 pounds


  • HIGH RESOLUTION SPORTS PROJECTOR: Sport Mode for Brilliant Audio Visual Experience, Enhance the Live Experience when watching Sport Games on ESPN, FOX Sport, Enjoy 100" Big Screen in only 2.5m
  • HOME THEATER PROJECTOR: Native 1080p full HD, Up to 2000 Lumens Brilliant Color With 6X RGBRGB Color Wheel
  • HOME CINEMA 3D PROJECTOR: CinemaMasterAudio with 10w Speaker and a variety of connection options, including MHL, HDMI, VGA, AV, VGA, TV, USB (1.5A Power Supply);Lens‎ F=2.59~2.87, f=16.88~21.88‎
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT PROJECTOR: Green Lamp System with 6500 Hour Life and 0.5W Standby Mode
  • RELIABLE BRAND: BenQ is the #1 best-selling DLP projector brand worldwide with 1 year warranty for parts and labor

Customer Reviews

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5This model seems like it's under reviewed and under appreciated
By Troy B. Anthony
This model seems like it's under reviewed and under appreciated, so now that it's only $499 I ordered one. I was worried I was going to have buyers remorse because I could find so little info on a model that seems like it should be very popular for quality vs. price. Here are some comments from folks smarter than me on the AVS forum:


The HT1070 was introduced last year. The W1070 is now a 4-5 year old model.
Short story: I'd recommend the HT1070 over the W1070. Long story: BenQ's model progression is bonkers. The W1070 was very popular. So popular that they kept it around even after they introduced it's successor the HT1075. So popular they continued selling it even after they introduced the HT1075's successor(s) the HT3050 and HT2050. So popular that when they (finally) discontinued the W1070 they introduced the new HT1070 to cash in on the brand recognition. The HT1070 slots below the HT2050 in their lineup and lacks some niceties like the lens shift and larger case but still features the high speed RGBRGB color wheel and all glass optics of the higher end models.
For $500 the HT1070 is absolutely the best picture for the dollar. The ONLY issue is the HT1070 is intended more towards a media or theater room and will not match the lumen output of he Optoma or Epson-- but it will also have richer blacks and higher contrast.

All of the current major brand RGB-colorwheel DLPs are very bright, and the Benq models are some of the best.
For their prices the ht1070 and slightly nicer ht2050 are nearly impossible to beat because of their contrast advantage over practically the entire <$1200 market and their accuracy and full-color brightness advantage over similarly-priced Optoma models.

The only thing I think the RGBRGB colour wheel Optomas do better than BenQ are:
a) RF-based 3D, to use 720p120 without glasses or red flash (for gaming 120hz trumps everything else, including 1080p resolution, at least in certain games like racing etc. Just use DSR at 1440p which is an even 2:1 downscale),
b) Pixelworks interpolation.
But not at that price point. BenQ reigns supreme still AFAIK. I really lucked out on picking up the w1070 a month after it first came out.

The HT1070 is a 1-year-old model with design improvements over the 5-year-old W1070, which is now out of production and is on clearance sale. The W1070 does offer a few inches of vertical lens shift for fine-tuning where the image falls on the screen. But you can compensate for that with an adjustable ceiling mount that would only cost a few dollars more than a fixed ceiling mount. For $500 it would be a no-brainer to pick the newer HT1070, which would outperform both the W1070 and 142X.

The soundandvision.com review that @sage11x linked to above your post measured the HT1070 at 1,706:1 and reviewer Al Griffin said that was "notably better than what I’d measured with other low-priced projectors I’d tested last year from Optoma (December 2016 issue), InFocus (soundandvision.com), and ViewSonic (September 2016 issue)."


I'll add my own comments after I receive it tomorrow and do a direct comparison to my Optoma HD141X.


Update: Did a direct comparison to my similar sized and capability Optoma 141X model. The 141X isn't the latest Optoma but it's the only comparison I can make. The primary thing I noticed about the picture of the BenQ Was that the contrast was much better. Some dark scenes in beauty and the beast where it is dark but with snow on the ground really showed a significant improvement over the Optoma. Brightness seemed similar. Color was a little better and probably more accurate with the BenQ but neither is 4K/HDR so I wasn't expecting miracles.

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5Great so far!
By Amazon Customer
Great so far, great picture and bright enough with a little ambient light to still watch, no rainbow effect and black levels seem good to me, but only used a couple times. will update when get more use. Hard to find much info on the ht1070 because newer, but if you look up benq w1090 it is the same thing. Think when it first came out that was the model number, not sure why it has changed. It was between this and the optoma 142x. Read some reviews and everyone recommends the benq over optoma, so i went with the benq ht1070 also because it is newer and the optoma is an older projector. both seem like great projectors, but the specs on paper for the optomas seem overated after seeing the tests done on them. This benq ht1070 is basically the same as the ht2050 just without the lens shift and a little less contrast ratio, and doesnt have the glass lens that the ht2050 has. It has great colors and great picture right out of the box and is plenty bright, so dont let the 2000 lumens fool you. The optoma is rated at 3000 lumens but thats because it has white in the color wheel so it is not a true lumen count. The ht1070 also has a 6x speed color wheel so it is very hard to see the rainbow effect compared to the optoma at 2x speed, Also another reason i chose this over the optoma. And i just didnt feel the h2050 was worth the big price jump for the lense shift, if you mount the projector screen centered with the projector you should not need lens shift and also with all the adjustment in the ceiling mounts that you can get there is no need. Im throwing a 110" screen from 11ft mounted on ceiling, and could also go bigger image from the same distance using the zoom, which is great! Everyone complains about the fan noise but i dont even notice it, i also have the sound running through my reciever so cant comment on the sound of the onboard speaker which ill never use. Glad i got this over the optoma because the optoma needs more space to throw the same size image. For the price of this and getting 1080p compared to a large plasma or led tv its a no brainer. Image quality is just as good as my 55" plasma.

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5love it! super bright
By brandon
love it! super bright . great colors and very easy to use. i had my roku stick in it and all set up in Under 10 mins. i set it up on my house without a screen on green siding and the colors still look great. still waiting on my screen in the mail . the picture is super sharp also if this pic looks blurry it's because of my phone.

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