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SYNAGY 10.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen, 4 Hours Rechargeable Battery, USB/SD Card Reader, AC/DC Adapter (White)

SYNAGY 10.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen, 4 Hours Rechargeable Battery, USB/SD Card Reader, AC/DC Adapter (White)

SYNAGY 10.5" Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen, 4 Hours Rechargeable Battery, USB/SD Card Reader, AC/DC Adapter (White)

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Product Description

SYNAGY is a direct manufacturer, and has been in manufacturing portable DVD players and other consumer electronic products for several years. Ever since 2015, SYNAGY has been dedicated to providing happy online shopping experience to our customers. We believe that, the most importance to success is to provide the best shopping experience, products with the best quality, affordable prices, fast delivery and top-tier customer services.

Features of Portable DVD Player by SYNAGY:
- 10.5" DVD player with 10.1" TFT LCD screen
- NTSC video system
- Swivels and folds flat into tablet
- USB port and SD card reader
- 3.5mm audio/video output
- Stereo headphone jack
- Digtal volume control
- Built-in stereo speakers
- Full function remote

Supports Multi-media and Compatible with
- Video: AVI, VOB, XVID, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4
- Audio: MP3, WMA
- Image: JPEG

What You Get:
- 1*10.5 inch portable DVD player
- 1*remote control
- 1*charger
- 1*video data cable
- 1*car charger
- 1*user manual

After-sales Service:
If you have any problems regarding on our portable DVD players, please let us know and we will help you very quickly. If you don't like our portable DVD players, we are very happy to refund every penny for you and listen your suggestion.
No need to wait anymore, just press "Add to cart" and you will get the best portable DVD player soonest.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #141759 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Size: 10.5 inch
  • Color: White
  • Brand: SYNAGY
  • Model: A20-WHITE
  • Display size: 10


  • Fantastic Swivel Screen Design - SYNAGY portable video players provide (1)180 degree rotation to left (2)90 degree rotation to right (3)180 degree vertical flip-over, making you feel free & more convenient at a watching angle
  • Support Multiple Media Format - SYNAGY personal video players can play CD, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD, S-VCD, MPEG2, AVI, WAV, WMA, JPEG
  • Premium Design for Multi-Application - SYNAGY portable DVD players are great for seniors, adults, teens, children, toddlers to enjoy video; great for kids to study; built-in anti-shock function, great for using when driving
  • Built with Last Memory Function - SYNAGY portable DVD players support to play at the place where you stop last time by the break-point memory function
  • Provides with 3 Power Systems - SYNAGY personal DVD players provide AC power adapter, car charger & rechargeable lithium battery, making you use more convenient at more places

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

19 of 20 people found the following review helpful.
5So the box has "player" spelled wrong. Who cares? It works!
By Diane
I bought this DVD player for my son to use on long car trips and even 6 months later I still think it was the right decision. The screen is large, the display is clear (even on low quality DVDs as some of the older kid's stuff is). High quality DVD images don't lose too much either.
The remote control is invaluable for me to help restart a video while I'm driving, although the buttons may need 2 presses to work sometimes. The long cord on the car charger is perfect for my car as it reaches to the front to plug in (no adapter in the back). My only "con" is that the external speaker volume doesn't go quite loud enough to be heard over background noise on the highway. My son won't wear headphones, so I paired this with a JBL clip speaker. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01F24RGHI/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1485522016&sr=8-4&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=jbl+clip+2&dpPl=1&dpID=51Bkmo70u2L&ref=plSrch
The speaker cost almost as much as the player, but I can adjust the sound as needed, it has a 3.5 mm plug to use the DVD player's headphone jack, and it clips on to the back of the front seat of the car (I have the player mounted on the passenger front seat.) In all, it's a great setup.
The battery life on the player is OK, could be better, but with the extended length car charger it's not a problem. I've even dropped it a few times. No issue, still works.
If you are looking for a decent portable DVD player with all the right features at a reasonable price, this is the one. I'd make the same purchase 100 times if I had to do it again.

56 of 59 people found the following review helpful.
4Nice player with some caveats
By American Gothic
This little DVD player has a lot of nice features for the price and also has a few things that could use improvement

- Good quality video for the size and price
- DVD player is quiet when playing unlike some portable players that are noisier than the sound at low volume
- Minimal distortion at various screen angles
- Screen tilts up and down, side to side and can flip over so you can lay it flat and watch it like a tablet
- Comes with several extras including remote, batteries for the remote, A/C adapter, car charger, earbuds and A/V cables.
- Three power sources: household outlet, re-chargeable battery, or car outlet
- The rechargeable battery lasts longer than the advertised 2.5-3 hours - or at least that's been my experience. That may degrade over time but for now it is lasting right around 4 hours of continuous DVD watching.

- Does not remember where it left off when it turns back on like most portable DVD players do
- No details on warranty, if any in listing or in documentation that comes with the player. The listing just mentions a generic 100% satisfaction, but gives no timeline.
- The lid to the DVD player is shiny and it's a little distracting if you are watching it open like a laptop because the screen will reflect in the lid - just like their photo shows in the listing. To avoid that you can tilt the screen, watch it in tablet mode, or what I do is put a half sheet of paper over it .
- There are two things I don't like about the remote. One is the contrast between the white writing and the light grey remote keys is not very high so it is hard to read the keys unless you are in really bright light. The big arrows in the center are fine but all the little keys are unreadable in normal light. Once you know which keys are which it won't be a big deal but until then be prepared for some frustration to find the buttons you want. The second problem with the remote is getting it to work can be hit or miss depending on where you are compared to the player. I haven't figured out where the sweet spot is yet but I often have to try several times before it will kick in. Most of the functions are also on the top of the DVD player area so at least there is a backup for functionality.

- Sound quality is what you would expect from a portable DVD player; not great but good enough. The volume range is from 1 to 20 so it doesn't get very loud. There is also a mute button. It also comes with a pair of earbuds that plug in the jack in the side. Again the earbuds are not high quality but work okay and it was a nice touch to include a pair in the package.

- The included instructions are fairly helpful and readable except for the safety precautions that need a magnifying glass they are sooooo tiny. While I realize some of it is boilerplate like FCC rules that most people aren't going to read, some of the information like screen cleaning suggestions and keeping away from heat sources, and so on, are important and should not be in the oh-so-fine print.

- The only way to turn the unit on and off is a slider on the side of the player.

- To toggle between DVD, USB or SD card, you use the "mode" key on the device or the remote. Note when using a USB drive or SD card it does not recognize folders so if you have a lot of files on them it will mean scrolling through them one by one to get to the one you want, so I'd advise putting only a few files on at a time when using this player.

- It arrives in a sturdy box and is properly protected with Styrofoam inserts. There are removable plastic sheets that protect the screen and the top of the player in transit as well as a removable piece of protective paper inside the DVD player to protect the reader. The box does have DVD player misspelled as "DVD palyer" on both sides as well as the top in fairly large letters so someone missed that in proofreading though it's more amusing than anything as it's obvious this is not a made in the USA product by looking at it.

Bottom line: Would I recommend to friends and family? Yes. Do I believe it's worth paying full price? Yes, the sale price was reasonable though the list price was higher than it's worth.

Disclosure: I purchased this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review, and am under no obligation to leave a positive one. I only test products that I actually use and this review is completely based on my personal experience and opinions. What works well for me, or doesn't, won't be the same for everyone so I explain what I like and don't like and why. If I missed something that would be helpful, please ask in the comments and I will do my best to answer any questions

34 of 38 people found the following review helpful.
5A Portable DVD Player
By Notamac
Hmmm. I've only opened the box, and so far what I've seen doesn't give me much hope for quality. I purchased a DVD Player but all over the box it says "palyer".

Update: Now that I've had a chance to use the player I can definitely attest to the fact that it is a player and not a palyer. And it's a good player. I can recommend it. The sound quality is good and the picture quality is good. One of the reasons I chose this player over others is the advertised resolution - it's better than several of the other players on Amazon.

Build quality is decent. It's actually lighter than what I was anticipating. The motor does make some noise but I didn't check if that disappeared when wearing headphones. So far it's a good purchase. Don't let the package dissuade you.

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