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Garmin Forerunner 735XT - Black & Gray

Garmin Forerunner 735XT - Black & Gray

Garmin Forerunner 735XT - Black & Gray
From Garmin

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Product Description

Be a better athlete today than you were yesterday with forerunner 735XT. This GPS multisport Watch is for athletes who want dialed-in data for training and a lighter load on race day. Wrist-based Heart rate lets you run freer when it's time to toe the line. For advanced running dynamics and other detailed measurements, add a chest strap and train your Heart out. Includes Strava suffer score, activity profiles for running, cycling, swimming and more. The auto multisport feature lets you transition sports with just one button press. Smart notifications, automatic uploads and connect IQ compatibility for custom Watch faces and apps make the 735XT the ultimate smart watch for athletes.

Product Details

  • Size: 1.23
  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Brand: Garmin
  • Model: 010-01614-00
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.75" h x 1.75" w x .47" l, .10 pounds


  • Form factor - the most lightweight multisport-capable watch ever from Garmin in an attractive, traditional watch shape, with soft, comfortable silicone bands
  • Built-in activities - data support for: running, cycling, swimming, multisport, hiking, xc skiing, strength, paddle sports and cardio
  • 24/7 Heart rate monitoring - Elevate Wrist Heart technology gives you heart rate all day and night -no additional strap required
  • Connected Features - automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, Live Tracking, audio prompts, music controls, smart notifications and social media sharing. Dimensions & Weight: 44.5 x 44.5 x 11.9 mm & 40.2 g
  • Smart notifications - get any notification from your compatible smartphone all with vibration so you don't miss a thing

Customer Reviews

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5Excellent multi-sport watch - great size and wrist-based heart rate monitor!
By FreeSpirit
I have used several Garmin watches to date, the latest being the Forerunner 920XT which I have had for over a year and love using. I bought this 735XT for my wife and I have been impressed with what this watch can do in comparison. Given the hefty $450 price tag, I wouldn't go out and replace the 920XT just yet, but some of the new features of the 735XT are sweet.

SIZE - The 735XT is smaller than the 920XT and looks a lot more like an everyday watch. It can be worn at all times without feeling like you're wearing a brick on your wrist. The 920XT is much larger in comparison even though I have gotten used to it now. The 735XT looks and feels sleeker, a much better form factor in my opinion.

HEART RATE MONITOR - Other than size, another fantastic feature of the 735XT is that the optical heart rate monitor is built right into the watch. So the watch can monitor your heart rate at all times and also display your resting heart rate. With the 920XT, you need the chest strap HRM and it monitors heart rate only when you start logging an activity on the watch. The benefit of having a wrist-based HRM that logs your heart rate at all times is that even if you forget to start an activity on the watch, it will still at least log your calories burnt for that period given the elevated heart rate.

**NOTE - to calculate advanced run metrics like ground contact time, stride length, etc, you will need either the HRM-Run or the HRM-Tri bundle. The watch also does not calculate heart rate while swimming. For that, you will again need the HRM-Swim or HRM-Tri bundle. These bundles are basically the 735XT combined with the appropriate chest strap HRM**

I tested the accuracy of the wrist based HRM on the 735XT with the chest strap HRM for my 920XT, and the two were fairly close. I think the wrist based HRM just takes a few seconds longer to recognize elevated heart rate when you begin an activity, but one it does that, the charts were pretty much at par with each other.

ACTIVITY TRACKER - Similar to Fitbit devices, the 735XT tracks your daily steps and sleep. You can set your own daily goals and view your progress on the app or on the screen of the watch itself. Sleep monitoring is still sub-par in this watch (and the 920XT as well) in my opinion. Jawbone and Fitbit devices do a much better job at monitoring sleep. With the 735XT, sleep mode still needs to be manually started. With the new Fitbit devices, sleep is automatically tracked based on heart rate and there is no need to press any buttons to start the sleep mode. But then again, the primary goal of the 735XT and most Garmin devices is to track fitness activity, so I guess tracking sleep is an after-thought. But yes, it does track sleep for what it's worth.

RUNNING - Garmin, in my opinion, offers the best running watches and the 735XT is a step above most of its predecessors. Of course it does the usual - track runs, distance, pace, speed, cadence, elevation, maps, outside temperature, the works. One neat feature is the ability to log runs on a treadmill. You don't need a footpod to connect to the watch, the watch takes care of everything. It comes pretty close to logging the exact data for your run, but it's not 100% accurate, it usually falls short on distance by around 3-5%. If you're obsessed with your workout data, I think there may be a way to sync a footpod to the watch, but I am not sure about this. Another cool feature is the metronome. I don't use this often, except when I'm with my running trainer (rather Chi-running instructor) or doing running drills. Just like a metronome, the watch beeps based on the cadence setting you enter in advance, and you can match your step to the beat. I find the beat annoying for regular runs, even though I know the benefits of using a metronome, I prefer to leave this feature off.

When you run outside, the watch records accurate data like cadence, lap time, speed, etc. When you run on a treadmill, it uses that recorded information from outside runs and extrapolates your speed/distance on the treadmill. This is probably what causes a difference between your actual speed/distance on the treadmill, and what the watch shows. So, for example, If you run slower outside and run faster on a treadmill, the watch will show a lower distance run on the treadmill because it is basing your speed on the data it has recorded previously from your outside runs. **TIP for indoor runs - the watch basically uses hand movement to record data for indoor runs. To improve accuracy of this data, you can wear the watch on your non-dominant hand. Use your dominant hand for things like pressing buttons on the treadmill, grabbing a water bottle, etc while you're running. This way, the watch knows that you're still running because your watch-wearing hand is still moving normally during your run**

After a run, the watch shows the usual stats along with PR info and VO2Max. The watch also has a recovery advisor that displays suggested recovery time after a workout. Of course, recovery time will vary for each individual, but I think the suggested recovery is a decent guide to have.

You can also see the predicted race times based on the distance/speed of each particular run. So if you run a 10k in say 45 minutes, it will extrapolate that to show you estimated finish times for half and full marathons. Again, this is only a guide, actual finish times will vary depending on fitness level, weather (temperature, humidity), course elevation, etc. But the predictor tells you what your VO2Max will allow.

The 735XT allows you to have 4 fields displayed on a screen. This is similar to the 920XT and 310XT (a lot of older Garmin models maxed out at 3), but on the this watch, you can define a lot more fields that can be viewed in sets of 4 with the simple press of a button. For running, I prefer to have time, distance, HR, and pace on the first screen. There are a total of 3 screens and you can select an option to have the watch automatically scroll through the 3 screens during an activity, or you can select to do this manually in which case the watch will display the first screen by default.

CYCLING - The 735XT offers the usual mapping capabilities for your cycling routes, and you can also download pre-loaded maps from Garmin Connect. However, the watch does not offer turn by turn navigation. The device pairs with your smartphone to offer live tracking, so others can see your position real time during your ride (your phone needs to be with you during the ride for this functionality). I don't use sensors for cadence or power meters, but the watch can be paired with them for detailed cycling workout data. It also provides VO2Max data for cycling workouts, and shows PR info for your ride. You can set distances for PRs, and it will notify you once you PR a particular distance. Of course, for the first few days of using the watch, it will keep beeping as you keep hitting new PRs. For outdoor swim, cycling, and running, the watch has a auto-stop mode which pauses the timer each time you stop, and it automatically starts back up once you're off again. After a few weeks as it has more data points, the frequency of PR notifications naturally drops. For indoor cycling/spinning, I tried to pair the watch with the FreeMotion ANT+ on the spin bike so that the watch could record my ride data, but the devices did not find each other. It appears the 735XT may not be compatible. Will update the review if I find any tips on how to fix this.

SWIMMING - The 735XT is terrific for swimming. It records distance, pace, stroke count, and HR (with the Tri bundle). For indoor pool swims, you can pre-define the pool length and the watch will record the laps accordingly. It has rest timers which will tell you when to kick off between sets. If you lose count of laps, it records all that data and sets off a beep/vibrate when a pre-entered distance or number of laps is completed. This is a great feature for outdoor swims, as the watch can notify you when a certain distance is covered or a certain time has lapsed, so you know how much further you have left. It also has swimming drills as part of the instructor which come in handy when training. Auto-pause for indoor swims is one of the only key features missing in my opinion.

TRIATHLON WATCH - This is a true triathlon watch specially given its seamless transition from one activity to the next without the need to manually end one activity and start the next. So if you're doing a triathlon, you can simply start the Multi-Sport mode and it will automatically log your swim, run, and bike and display all the data in segments while still keeping track of total time for the triathlon. The watch will show the appropriate screens during each sport so you can view your progress in each segment individually right on the wrist without having to play around with buttons (super convenient!). The 920XT does this equally well, so there was no major upgrade in this watch compared to the 920XT in my mind.

CUSTOM ACTIVITIES - Other than the standard swim, bike, run, you can set up custom activities like strength training, cardio, etc. With the wrist-based HRM, it records the number of calories burnt and the time spent at each activity. All this is logged in your workout history so it's a great way to have one device keep track of all your fitness data in one place.

BATTERY - The battery is advertised to last approximately 11 days in watch mode and up to 14 hours with the GPS turned on during an activity. This is perhaps not as good as the 920XT, but still plenty in my opinion.

SMART NOTIFICATIONS - The 735XT (similar to the 920XT) pairs with your smartphone via bluetooth and lets you control music and shows all phone notifications right on the watch. You can, of course, choose to turn these notifications off. The watch vibrates gently when you have any new notification or incoming phone calls. I have found this feature to come truly handy when you are in noisy/loud surroundings and can't hear your phone ring. However, unlike the Apple watch, it doesn't let you answer/reject calls, or reply to messages. Again, that is not the purpose of this watch to begin with, but the feature of incoming notifications is really useful. When you start sleep mode on the watch, the notifications are automatically turned off and they turn back on once you end sleep mode.

DATA - The watch can be set up to transmit all fitness and daily activity data over Bluetooth to Garmin's app on your phone. Of course, you also have the option to transmit the data by connecting the watch physically to your PC/Mac using the USB port. I personally don't use the Strava app, but if you do, the watch shows the Strava Suffer Score right on the watch itself immediately after a workout.

All in all I think this is perhaps the best multi-sport watch I've come across. If I didn't already have the 920XT for myself, I would have bought this in a heartbeat. If you already have the 920XT, I personally think buying this is way too expensive for a marginal upgrade (smaller size and optical heart rate sensor being the two main significant advantages). However, if you have an older Garmin model or are considering buying a new Garmin watch, this is as good as it gets for now.

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4Can wear everyday and tracks everything I need.
By Jared
If you're not into long reviews, the title of this review pretty much sums it up.

I've only had this watch for a week, but researched for months and knew exactly what features I was looking for.

First, my main use cases:
Running, swimming, cycling; but majority running. I used to do Triathlon's but just run and swim now mainly for health (and honestly stress relief). I wanted an activity tracker also and liked the idea of an optical heart rate sensor. Some limited smart watch functionality would be nice also. But definitely waterproof, built in GPS for running, and basic stop-watch functionality and something I could wear 24/7 as a daily watch also.

Watches I was considering:
Apple Watch, Forerunner 235, 735x, Fenix 3 HR, TomTom Mult-Sport Cardio, TomTom Spark, TomTom Spark+Music, Suunto Sparten, Ambit 3, etc. pretty much any of the GPS sport watches, ideally with the optical heart rate. I don't train hard or by heart rate really, and have had the chest straps in the past; just liked the idea of checking my resting heart rate at times and the activity tracker that comes on most of these sport watches.

Also, the Apple Watch was out, unless I went with the Waterfi version (waterproof version of it at @ $600). Of course, as I'm writing this, the new Series 2 Apple Watch was announced which is waterproof and has built in GPS. Which, may have altered my decision. I am an iPhone user, but in the end, regardless, I don't really care for the Apple Watch look and am glad I chose the 735xt.

I was able to visit a local REI and try on all the Garmin devices. I REALLY love the Fenix 3 HR and the style, but I have small wrists (6.5") and in the end, it was just too large. It wouldn't even fit under the cuff of my basic dress shirt, and didn't see myself wearing it to bed to take advantage of the sleep functionality. The TomTom's didn't really look like I could wear them every day as a watch. I did consider the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music as I liked the idea of not having to carry my phone. But then I really decided that I carry my phone not only for the music, but also in case of emergency.

The Garmin VivoActive HR had everything I wanted and cheaper, and even would have liked the idea of having golf (even though I haven't golfed in 10 years), but it's just darn ugly (IMO).

In the end, it really came down to the Garmin 235 vs 735xt. And whether the multi-sport and swimming functionality of the 735 was worth an extra $120. And so obviously I decided on the 735xt. Which I'm glad I did because it works awesome in the pool. For me it just came down to whether or not I wanted to track distance in the pool instead of just time and if that was worth $120.

Here's been my experience with it, using it for 7 days now.

- Looks OK to wear as an everyday watch
- Light (very light, which may also be somewhat of a con for some, see below)
- Pool Swim function counts distance and time (love how you just enter the pool size and it automatically keeps track of the distance, knowing when you make a turn)
- Connect IQ, this is where you can download watch faces, apps, widgets, data fields, etc. I've added a different watch face and use a stopwatch, timer app that I got from the IQ store. I use the stopwatch and timer a lot plus I've added a nice data field for running that shows HR (and color for zone), Pace, Cadence, Time, Distance all on the same screen
- Has some basic smart watch features. Email, calendar notifications, music controls for phone, etc. I really wanted these features in a watch, but have realized since wearing that I just turned them all off. Honestly, I get bugged enough with text and emails and don't need my watch distracting me also. So I just leave it on do-not disturb, as I do with my phone also when I'm running. Although the watch does have a user profile setting where you can set your sleep hours, so it sets the watch to do-not-disturb automatically during these times
- Garmin Connect Mobile App. Pretty good app, full of data and makes it easy to install and customize watch faces. Many watch faces allow you to customize them (how and what data is displayed, basic colors, etc.). It's pretty awesome

- Only con I can really think of is that the Garmin weather widget on the watch is not working for me. I did download a 3rd party weather widget, but it's not as dynamic as the Garmin version and only shows temp (hi/low) for the day. This is apparently common and happening with other users, so I'm pretty sure Garmin will have a firmware or software fix for this sometime soon. And I've tried about all the troubleshooting fixes I could find (e.g. location services, etc.) on the internet and Garmin forums.

Now about the form factor and weight. It is plastic. And this may be a be negative for some. I remember trying on the display model at REI and it felt like a toy. Of course I know these display versions are basically shells and not the real thing, but even the real thing feels a bit like a toy. So if you want a heavy, steel, metal or oversize watch, this probably isn't for you.

The last 2 watches I've worn were a G-Shock GW2310FB-1CR and for about 5 years a Lunimox Colormark Chrono (BO) every day. I like light watches. And for me, this Garmin 735xt is light, comfortable, and even though a bit "plastic" feeling... because I guess it is, it fits my use case perfectly. And if it ever breaks, I'm lucky enough to live about 30 minutes from Garmin's world headquarters and have heard good stories from friends who've taken their Garmin devices out there for service.

Battery Life
The specs say a bunch of different things, 14 hours in activity mode with GPS, 11 days in watch mode (activity tracking, smart notification, etc.) But here's what I've gotten from the first week. From a full charge and daily activity I went about 4 days and it was at 25%. But that's been with me fiddling with the watch a lot.

I did a full charge of the watch on a Sunday. Did 8 mile run on Monday, 1000 Meter Swim on Tuesday, 5 Mile Run on Wednesday, 1000 meter swim on Thursday and by Thursday evening it was about at 25% and in the evening it beeped and said "save power mode", which I wasn't quite sure what that was at the time so I went ahead and put it on the charger. Looking like it's about 10-12% per day with at least a 30-45 minute activity with GPS each day. Keep in mind I have activity tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, and use the stopwatch and countdown timer a few times during the day also.

I hope this review helps. I researched (and obsessed) for months on which one of these to buy; weighing features style and price. Of course I'm biased now as I purchased the 735xt, but as of yet have no buyers remorse.

So why not 5 stars? I really never give anything 5 stars, but if the weather widget would have worked out of the box I probably would have.

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5If your a serious runner, cyclist, swimmer, triathlete, hiker and you want a smartwatch that you can wear daily, this is it!
By Tim Eckel
I have a long history of owning Garmin Forerunner watches dating back to 2006. I've had two Forerunner 305s, and two Forerunner 310XTs, and I've used Forerunner 10's through the 920XT. I've also experimented with many smart watches (but haven't purchased any due to their lacking as a running watch).

With the Garmin Forerunner 735XT, there's finally a great running, cycling, swimming, activity tracker that works better as a smart watch than many smart watches. Excellent battery life as a smart watch (11 days) and as a training watch it works well even for iron distance triathlons or 50 mile trail runs. Sure, it's not Android Wear compatible. But, all I really care about is getting notifications on my watch. I have my phone to check the weather. Why I think it's a better smart watch is because it does the required feature (notification) and the battery lasts 11+ days when used as a smart watch (unlike most smart watches that last a day, if that).

The Garmin Forerunner fenix 3 was close to hitting the mark, but it's too big/heavy for running. The 735XT perfectly hits the mark. The 735XT made me purchase 2, for me and my wife (she's upgrading from a Forerunner 110). It's overkill if you're looking for a fitbit activity replacement. But, if your a serious runner / cyclist / swimmer / triathlete / hiker, and you want a smartwatch that you can wear daily, this is the watch to get! Here's some notable information:

RUNNING WATCH - Unlike smart watches, this is designed to be primarily a running watch, which it does an excellent job providing the information a runner needs. All kinds of running stats, views, etc.

CYCLING WATCH - Works well as a cycling watch. I was able to pair it with my ANT+ cadence on my bike with no problem. I don't like using a watch for cycling because it's not in a location where I can easily see it. I have a different Garmin device that I have mounted to my bikes. So, while this will work as a bike computer, it wont' be as useful for tracking things in real time like speed and cadence.

SWIMMING WATCH - I haven't tried the watch yet in the pool or open water, but plan on doing this when it gets bit warmer here in Ohio. It does, however, work VERY well as a swimming watch. The heart rate monitor won't work while in water, but Garmin does have a swimming heart rate strap that will pair with this watch. The accelerometer tracks strokes, laps, and estimates distance.

TRIATHLON WATCH - Like all the higher end Forerunners, the 735XT works really well for triathlons including iron distance (as long as you're under a 14 hour Ironman). If you need longer, the 920XT is the way to go. It will switch between swim/bike/run with a single button press and you can also have it track transition times. As it works to track swimming as well, you can wear it for the entire triathlon. You can also set it up to work equally well for a duathlon.

ACTIVITY TRACKER WATCH - Let's be honest, if you want an activity tracker, this watch is WAY overkill. There's loads of Android Wear watches that will do simple activity tracking and will cost a BUNCH less. It does track your steps, goal, and monitors sleeping.

SMART WATCH - It does what a smart watch should do, provide you with the time and notify you of a message or incoming call via Bluetooth. It doesn't allow you to reply or anything like that. It's also not Android Wear compatible, but Garmin does have an app store that allows you to download all kinds of apps for the watch, like different watch faces, weather apps, etc. Do a Google search for "Garmin Connect IQ" to show all the smart watch apps available.

HEART RATE MONITOR - This watch has a built-in wrist-based heart rate monitor. No need for a chest strap. I compared the results to the chest strap and it's really close. There were some differences, but they were small. Overall, it works really well and there's no need for a chest strap monitor when wearing this watch.

RUNNING CADENCE - the watch has a built in accelerometer which can calculate your speed and distance even when you're inside. It also works with a footpod which will give more accurate results in my experience.

SIZE - The perfect size! The Forerunner fenix 3 is too wide, thick, and heavy. As a comparison, the fenix 3 is about twice the weight and about a quarter inch narrower. The thickness is only 0.47" instead of the fenix 3 at 0.6". Overall, the fenix 3 feels really chunky and heavy when running. The Forerunner 735XT, however, doesn't feel like something heavy on your wrist.

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