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Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Epson Home Cinema 2045 1080p 3D Miracast 3LCD Home Theater Projector
From Epson

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Product Description

The Home Cinema 2045 wireless projector is designed to be your home entertainment hub, delivering Full HD 1080p content from an array of devices. Offering up to 3x Higher Color Brightness than competitive models, Epson 3LCD projectors ensure vibrant images. The projector features up to 35,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, advanced image processing, plus 2200 lumens of color brightness and 2200 lumens of white brightness. Enjoy HD movies, games and more with two HDMI ports and MHL, or wirelessly stream content via Miracast and Intel WiDi. Use your Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console, streaming device, tablet or smartphone and project up to 300".

Product Details

  • Color: white
  • Brand: Epson
  • Model: V11H709020
  • Dimensions: 7.20" h x 14.30" w x 14.60" l, 6.90 pounds
  • Battery type: NiMh
  • Native resolution: 1920x1080


  • Up to 3x Higher Color Brightness, and reliable performance - 3LCD, 3-chip technology
  • Color Brightness: 2200 lumens, White Brightness: 2200 lumens
  • Full HD 1080p, widescreen, 3D performance - for movies, games and more, up to 300" on virtually any wall or screen

Customer Reviews

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4"For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake."--Alfred Hitchcock
By CodeMaster Talon
Well now you can eat your cake at home. We bought this Epson Powerlite at Best Buy (which, amazingly, at the time was cheaper than on Amazon) and have been playing with it for a while now. Below are some tips and considerations and things I personally wish we had known before we bought the 2045.

WIRELESS FEATURES: I'm going to start with this, because BEWARE. The features for streaming are pretty limited. The iProjection app is described as "intuitive". It is, in fact, nightmarish. I couldn't get it to work; it requires more advanced wireless connection knowledge than your average person has. The average star rating for the app hovers just above one star, and I highly encourage anyone who wants a projector with wireless features to read the reviews. Most people can only stream pictures and many programs business people use are not supported. So watch out.

GENERAL SET-UP: The projector comes with a quick-start guide, which will get you up and running within honestly a few minutes for the basics. The problem comes with setting up some of the more advanced features; for that you will need the full guide. Epson doesn't include it with the projector. Instead you get a link so you can download and print, on your own dime, all 207 pages of it. This is inexcusable for a product in this price range. The full manual is not the best-written guide anyway--it sometimes assumes you will just know how to do things that some people do not know (like the wireless set up.) I know many of you shoppers out there do have more advanced technical knowledge, which is why you like projectors in the first place, but a good manual should not assume that for a home-use product. The poor wireless features and missing full manual out of box lose this product a total of one full star. Which is a shame, because here comes the spectacular stuff.

PERFORMANCE/PICTURE QUALITY: Just gorgeous. We got this projector when we did to stream the Superbowl in HD, and we were not disappointed. It pretty much looked like we were sitting on the sidelines gazing at the actual players. The image is so sharp, the colors so beautiful. You can toy with aspect rations and colors and tweak this and that if you wish, but right out of the box we were so pleased. The remote lets you flip between sources quickly (see photo for an up-close look). Lamp life is 4000 hours, 6000 on eco mode. Replacement lamps as of this writing will cost you $80 if you buy them directly from Epson.

SOUND/ BUILT-IN SPEAKERS: As you can imagine, the built-in speakers are just okay. Still, if you need to transport the unit (like for a business meeting), the sound is good enough for a small room. Outdoors, you may be in trouble. What I'm most impressed about is that we were able to run our 25-year-old Bose sound system through this Epson. The last projector we had, a Viewsonic, couldn't do that. So the built-in system is so-so, but setting up your own speaker system is easy. That leads us to...

ROOM SET-UP; This is not a short-throw projector--you will need at least 8 feet from the wall or free-standing screen if you have the projector sitting on a table (you can mount it on the ceiling of course, but be advised you will have to disconnect it to change the lamps. Not fun.). We found our ideal spot at about 11 feet from the large wall we use to project on. We have a big loose carpet we can run wires under; if you don't have that beware of tripping hazards. Our last projector, the Viewsonic, was a short-throw, which I did like because it works in more spaces. This is a far superior picture quality though and we currently have the space, but keep in mind the distance you will need.

A NOTE TO GAMERS: Another reviewer reported a "lag" time when using game systems with this projector. We noticed it too. We use our XBOX 360 as a DVD player, and there is a definite lag, meaning the image runs at times a bit behind the sound, then blurs and catches up. If this is a deal-breaker to you but you are still interested in this projector I would buy the unit from a place that will let you return it if you run into the lag problem using your preferred gaming system.

WARRANTY: On this expensive of a product, you might want to consider an extended warranty. We bought one good for two years from Best Buy; it was cheaper than Epson's extended warranty plus you can take the projector into any local Best Buy and they will fix any problem the projector has (unless you drop it in a vat of acid or something. Then you're on your own.). Depending on the current Amazon price (which is $100 less than when we bought our unit), it may or may not be worth it to you to buy it elsewhere and get a warranty.

In conclusion, highly recommended for a home cinema use. We're big movie people, especially classic films, and we just love this projector. As detailed above, there might be serious drawbacks for some people. While I don't have enough technical knowledge to answer more complicated questions about the product, set-up and basic use were well-within my abilities and the product doesn't cause me headaches. We run it 8 hours a day 7 days a week and we give it:


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5Plays YouTube 3D videos.
By Oliver B
Great projector. Amazing color. Very bright. The added bonus?... when using the YouTube app on PS4 search for SBS 3d videos. Once the video has loaded click the 2d/3d button on the projector controller and you're good to go (of course make sure you wear your glasses. If you see text saying it's not 3d content or signal just press the 2d/3d button once more). You're welcome. You have just greatly expanded your 3D library.

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4The projector is quiet and the picture is good with an hd cable
By mk
The projector is quiet and the picture is good with an hd cable. The electrical plug is a problem since it has an american plug on it, although I ordered a projector for germany. I have been using an old german electrical plug which does not fit well and sometimes the projector will not turn on. I plan to try it with a us plug/german plug adaptor as soon as I can get one and hopefully that will solve the problem.

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