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Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa. (Black)

Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa. (Black)

Sonos PLAY:5 Ultimate Wireless Smart Speaker for Streaming Music. Works with Alexa. (Black)
From Sonos

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Product Description

Step up to the all-new PLAY:5; the powerfully smart speaker that fine-tunes its sound to bring you all the energy and emotion the artist packed into the original recording. Music that's pure, ferocious, tasty and true.   

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #866 in Speakers
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sonos
  • Model: PL5G2US1BLK
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.00" h x 8.00" w x 14.30" l, 14.00 pounds
  • Networking: Wireless


  • Our biggest and best-sounding speaker featuring six amplifiers with six dedicated speaker drivers. Fill even the largest rooms with pure, brilliant sound. Stereo pair for an even better sound experience
  • Connect your Play:5 to any Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device, then just ask for the music you love
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. Or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home
  • Set-up in five minutes using your home Wi-Fi. Easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you're ready
  • Wirelessly Stream all your favorite music services like Prime Music Unlimited, Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify
  • Touch sensors for volume and track control. Perfect for when your phone is hiding or out of reach

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

118 of 122 people found the following review helpful.
5Play 5 Gen 2
By Professor H
I have had a songs system for many years now, starting out with the songs connect so I could use all my current setup and equipment. Three years ago I started getting the Play 1's, and those kept multiplying until I have a large herd of them around the house.

I had listened to the play 3 and old generation play 5 and thought for the most part the new tech in the Play 1's are superior.

Now enter the new Play 5 with all the new tech and more and better speakers. I initially got one thinking I could do a stereo pair and compare it with the Play 1. That was a no go. Sonos software does not allow this pairing. Only like with like. So now I had to order another one, ouch that was costly.

Now that they are all setup in a stereo pair and did the custom sound procedure that sonos developed, they sound great. I did a side by side with the paired Play 1's and here is my findings. They both sound great. They both have great bass response and highs. Where they part ways is the midranges, the detail, and the soundstage.

The Play 5's take what was good in the Play 1's and make it better. They are also a lot louder for when you really want to pump some sound. You don't need the sub with the Play 5's. I have one, but it is really not needed anymore. The sub still does well for sure, but its kind of like there is a baby sub in each play five and the sub goes, Hey Im Here Too... Hey You Still Need Me Right?

The Play 5's are big and very heavy. About fourteen pounds each. Solid as a rock. Each speaker inside the Play 5 has its own amp.

I am glad I have them, but it was painful buying two. You really don't need two for a pretty big room unless you want to pair them in stereo. The also can sense how you place them and the sound is changed automatically for vertical and horizontal. Horizontal does sound a bit better but I prefer the look of the vertical on my shelves. Also takes up less room and I did not have much to spare where I placed them.

A little side note for those who have connection or interference issues. Do not buy a bridge, those are semi worthless. The Boost is much better. And something they don't advertise is that the sonos connect has the most powerful transmitter that will cut through interference like a light saber. I was running my system in a long house without it and was having connection problems all over the place. Hooked the connect back up in the middle of the house and it took over the signal from the boost. No more drops. Did not even have the connect connected to anything other than the ethernet.

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5Spectacular audio fidelity, simple intuitive software
By Timbuckyball
I write contemporary instrumental music and use professional studio monitor speakers to mix the final songs. In addition they are mastered by a professional engineer. This gives me a very good feel for how well audio systems perform, by using my finished songs as standards. Regarding Sonos sound, the speaker default bass is definitely too high. That is easily attenuated with the controls on your computer or phone. After that change I can say with confidence that this speaker has remarkable fidelity over nearly the full range of volume. The frequency response is simply phenomenal. Volume is more than adequate for most purposes.

The software is very intuitive, at least on my iOS or Mac systems. Once plugged in, it took me 5 minutes to begin playing music from my Apple music account or from my personal collection. I was never confused as to what to do - set up is very straightforward and expertly guided.

I only have one speaker now but plan to buy another later on. I will update my review at that time.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
4Beautiful sound, no Google Home integration, high price
By Juniorverse1
This speaker is my first Sonos, and I also ordered two Play:1s and I was going to order one more Play:5, but I ended up returning the two Play:1s and canceled my second Play:5. The reason? The Play:1s didn't sound that good at all, and there is no Google Home integration. While the Sonos Play:5 sounds really great, and it can play music from my Google Music All-Access subscription, I can not control the Sonos verbally from my Google Home devices. And now that Google has recently announced the Google Home Max, an upcoming Sonos-like multi-room premium speaker that will have all of the Google Assistant features built-in, I decided to go that route instead of purchasing more Sonos speakers.

I am very happy with the Play:5's sound and features, but I will be holding off on purchasing any more Sonos speakers until I can hear the Google Home Max in person. Unless, of course, Sonos finally makes their speakers compatible with Google Home so I can control them with my voice. My guess is that the Google Home Max speaker will happen first.

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