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Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu Ray Drive BDR-XD05S Silver

Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu Ray Drive BDR-XD05S Silver

Pioneer Electronics USA Slim External Blu Ray Drive BDR-XD05S Silver
From Pioneer

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Product Description

The BDR-XD05S is one of the worlds smallest and lightest BD/DVD/CD portable burners supporting BDXL. The ultra-compact USB 3.0 drive is ideal for Mac users or for those who already have software. The BDR-XD05S can write to BDXL1discs, Blu-ray discs and is backwards compatible to support DVD and CD media. Not only is the BDR-XD05S one of the smallest and lightest Blu-ray drives in the market, but its also one of the fastest with speeds up to 6x2 for BD-R and BD-R DL media.

The BDR-XD05S also has unique features such as PowerRead, Auto Quiet mode, and PureRead2+. PowerRead3 can provide smoother movie playback when a disc has fingerprints or minor surface scratches. Auto Quiet mode intelligently adjusts the disc rotation speed to reduce noise (useful while watching movies or listening to music), and PureRead4automatically adjusts the drive parameters to minimize sound glitches during music playback. Auto Quiet mode and PureRead can be configured as well as enabled and disa

Product Details

  • Size: Value not found
  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Model: BDR-XD05S
  • Fabric type: None 0%
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown
  • Platforms: Windows 8, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .58" h x 5.24" w x 5.24" l, .51 pounds


  • Pioneer Slim BDRW/DVDRW BDR-XD05S 6x USB3

Customer Reviews

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404 of 412 people found the following review helpful.
5A well designed Blu-ray burner with nice professional features.
By trchen
I ordered this Blu-ray burner to replace a LG burner which is picky with its food. Did not regret it. This is one of the few high-end external Blu-ray burners that supports true USB 3.0 and BD-R QL.

Some people might say the speed of the optical drives doesn't even reach the limit of USB 2.0, so having USB 3.0 is pointless. This is not entirely true. The Blu-ray burner running at its full speed of 6x would result in a data rate of 205Mbps, which is already 43% of available bandwidth. This doesn't even count the framing and protocol overhead, and other devices share the same bus. The bandwidth budget is actually pretty tight.

There are another 2 major advantages of USB 3.0. One is that USB 3.0 supplies more juice over its power lines, so you don't need a external 5V power adapter or to waste an extra USB connector. Also USB 3.0 supports a larger packet size than USB 2.0, which means less CPU power is wasted on data transferring.

This optical drive supports standard USB Mass Storage protocol with MMC-5 SCSI command set. Any modern operating system should support it without a third-party driver. It is also bundled with PowerDVD, so you won't need to spend more money for video player software.

It also comes with an optional utility that can be downloaded from the official website:

The utility can be used to adjust its internal error recovery and acoustic management settings, which is extremely useful for backing up discs. The error recovery feature can be disabled (a.k.a. Pure Read) when you backup an audio CD, so read errors won't be silently covered up. This drive have acoustic management (a.k.a. Auto Quiet) on by default. When a video disc is detected, it automatically limits read speed to 2x. Be sure to disable it to get the full speed when making a backup.

The case is made of plastic with a metal base. It actually feels sturdy. If I have to make one complaint, that would be there is no cable compartment. I think it is necessary evil to keep the size small.

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5Easy Fix to the Slow Read Problem!
By Jessica Olson
When I first bought this drive, I was incredibly bummed that it appeared to be hopelessly slow - it's a 6x drive, so why does it only seem to read my BDs at 2x? What's with this unnecessary cap??

Turns out, though, that there is an easy fix. Pioneer apparently has this drive set to "Quiet Mode" from the factory. To change this, go to the Pionner website and download the Drive Utility. This will allow you to change the drive to "Performance Mode", uncapping the drive to run at the 6x speed maximum.

Now all of my BDs happily read at up to 6x! Couldn't be happier with the drive :)

288 of 321 people found the following review helpful.
3This blue ray player will work, but it looks like you have to purchase additional software ...
By Laura E Taylor
After spending the last several hours getting this pioneer blue ray player to work on my laptop, there is the information I wish I had known before buying it:

- Buying this blue ray player alone, does NOT appear to allow you to play blue rays on your laptop
- Just the act of plugging the drive in to your laptop alone, does not appear to allow you to watch the disc at all. You need special software.
- This drive comes with a CD for Media Suite 10 software, which includes PowerDVD 10 software
- After installing this, having difficulty, then researching errors online, it does not appear that PowerDVD 10 actually plays blue rays.
- It looks like you need a more recent version of PowerDVD.
- Sales prompts for PowerDVD 15 kept coming up when using PowerDVD 10, and it looks like v15 does indeed play Blue Rays.
- PowerDVD 15 costs $35. PowerDVD 16 is available to, for $75.
- I downloaded a TRIAL VERSION of PowerDVD 16, and it actually works! I can now play blue rays from my laptop.
- However, in order to maintain that capability after 30 days, it looks like I'll need to pay $75 for the full version of PowerDVD 16

Bottom line - this blue ray player can work, but it looks like you need to spend more money ($35 - $75) for the software to be able to use it.

About me - I am not up to speed on the latest and greatest of video software/PC technology, but I consider myself technology literate and have worked with technology most of my life. Although there may have been a way to watch blue rays with this disc without purchasing any additional software, I personally couldn't find it in the time I had to deal with this.

In my opinion, if it is not possible to play blue rays on this drive without buying additional software which cost near as much as the drive itself, the advertisement for the drive should clearly say that.

Hope this review helps. Good luck!

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