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Dell Dell Tablet Keyboard - Slim for Venue 11 Pro (2K3H1)

Dell Dell Tablet Keyboard - Slim for Venue 11 Pro (2K3H1)

Dell Dell Tablet Keyboard - Slim for Venue 11 Pro (2K3H1)
From Dell

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Product Description

The Dell Tablet Keyboard - Slim is ultra-thin and lightweight with full-sized keys that make typing easy and natural. The built-in touch pad offers high-precision gesture control without the need for a separate mouse. There is also a convenient built-in holder for your stylus.

Product Details

  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: 2K3H1
  • Dimensions: 8.50" h x 1.40" w x 11.80" l, 1.00 pounds


  • This slim, lightweight keyboard with dock is sturdy enough to hold your tablet firmly in place while you type, browse, or watch videos. The built-in hinge provides a fixed 117-degree viewing angle and secures your tablet in place with magnets.
  • When not in use, the keyboard folds over your tablet to protect the screen from scratches and dings.
  • The Dell Tablet Keyboard - Slim is compatible with the Dell Venue 11 Pro and is Windows 8 compliant.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Seems like Dell has improved this compared to the early complaints.
By D. Duncan
I'm a late-comer to the venue, and this keyboard. I had the mobile keyboard for a bit, before I bought this one, both as a backup, and for circumstances where a "tablet experience" is more convenient (but with a keyboard handy, just in case). I'm having none of the problems that others complain about here.
It is better on a flat surface, but I can use it on my lap, if needed.
Mine doesn't seem to disconnect.
The keys don't travel a lot, but they do give positive feedback. Much better than the thin (Touch) Surface keyboard. Not as good as the Surfaces "Type" keyboard. But if quality typing is important to you, the Venue "Mobile" keyboard is better than the best surface keyboard. And the touchpad is better than the ones on the Surface keyboards.
Mine does disable when flipped all of the way back for "tablet mode".
The magnets are just stiff enough to keep things in place for me, whether it is covering the screen, or using as a tablet stand.
The disappointment for me, was that the screen doesn't auto rotate with the keyboard attached. It stays in landscape mode, even with the keyboard folded all the way back. Dell doesn't seem to want to fix that "bug." They think it is a feature. But once I figured that you can rotate the screen with the ctrl-alt-arrow key combo, it's not a big deal anymore.
Just hit ctrl-alt-leftArrow before folding back the keyboard and you are in portrait mode. Ctrl-alt-upArrow brings you back to landscape. Right arrow and down arrow do what you would expect if you want the screen oriented in those directions, for some reason.

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3Save your money and get the solid keyboard with battery
By Tony Butler
For the price, this unit is OK. You can't just prop it on your lap and use it, you will require a flat surface (which hinders its portability rating.) I would suggest spending another $75 and getting the solid keyboard with battery included. If you need something in crunch and need to save some $$, it will work and function, but be prepared to locate a flat surface (don't attempt while riding down the road) because if you are not careful the keyboard will flex while typing and you will input the wrong key or have multiple entries of the same key.

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4Nice Keyboard, but with limitations
By darren beanard
Overall, this is a nice keyboard. It also folds over the tablet and offers some protection to the tablet and screen. It is slim, so it fits as an assembly with the tablet into my zippered 11 inch universal carry case.
I gave it 4 stars only due to two limitations:

1) By design it has a very flimsy keyboard backing. This means that you have to have the unit on a solid surface when using. This is not a criticism of the product, because as I said, it is by design. But nevertheless, it is still a limitation that needs to be considered before purchase.

2) It offers only two possible angles that can be used. Depending on how you fold the stand against the back of the tablet, you can access two angles of view for the screen. The difference between the two is not much and the angle can be a bit frustrating for a taller person who is standing with the tablet on a typical table, as in a presentation setting.

However, the keyboard is still very nice and seems to be durable. I have been using mine for two months with no issues. It also does not seem to add too much additional load on the battery. Also, when connecting the tablet to the keyboard, it was recognized immediately and was ready to use all the functions including the touchpad/mouse. Mouse settings to do things like disable the tap to click are also found on the tablet just like a full size laptop.

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