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Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
From Nokia

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Product Description

Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T)

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #20791 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Nokia
  • Model: Lumia 520
  • Dimensions: .39" h x 2.52" w x 4.72" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Display size: 4


  • Mobile Operating System: Windows Phone 8
  • Carrier: AT&T
  • Color: Not Available
  • Touch Screen: Yes
  • Built-in Digital Camera: Yes

Editorial Reviews

From the Manufacturer
The Lumia 520 ships with Windows Phone 8.0 and is now eligible for a free "Over the Air" (OTA) update to Windows Pone OS 8.1. For best results: Step 1. Your phone notifies you when an update is available for you. You can also check for updates, just tap Settings > Phone Update. Tip! Use a Wi-Fi network to download the update and avoid mobile data transmission costs. Before starting the update, connect to a charger or make sure your phone has enough battery power (at least 50%). You might also need to make enough space on your phone for the update (1.5GB free phone memory is recommended). To check for available free space, go to Settings > storage check (storage sense). Step 2. To view and to install the updates, tap the notification message, and follow the instructions shown on your phone. You can install the update immediately, or postpone the update to a more convenient time. Step 3. The update should take around 15-30 minutes, but a major update could take up to 2 hours to complete depending on your phone model. You are not able to use your phone during the update installation. Follow all the update prompts, and do not worry if your phone restarts several times during the process, that is completely normal. Additional app updates from the Store could be needed to fully enable new features for your phone. You will get the app update notification on the Store app shortly after the software update

Customer Reviews

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5What a surprise in such a cheap package!
By Nic
Given the MSRP for this phone, you have to set some expectations. But then you realize it doesn't carry a 2-year agreement. You can use this phone out of the box on an AT&T Prepaid (GoPhone) line or on AT&T postpaid (contract) plans. It comes with a Micro SIM card and GoPhone activation kit in the box.

It performs great! I've owned a Lumia 920, HTC 8x, Lumia 822, and a few older WP7 devices. This, just like any other Windows Phone, feels smooth and fluid throughout. Sometimes when a larger operation (filtering a photo, opening a big app) takes place, you will notice a "Resuming..." screen for a split second. Otherwise, it's every bit as smooth as any other Windows Phone. You can't really say that about an Android device at this price point.


1) Price! This phone can be used as a daily driver, backup phone, "I dropped my other phone in the toilet and I'm not due for an upgrade" phone, or even just a device you use with WiFi only.
2) The software library for Windows Phone is getting there. It still doesn't have Instagram, but it has everything else you could really want.
3) Comcast Xfinity remote lets me control my TV/DVR with this thing. It's like I got an amazing touch screen smart remote for free.
4) First-party Xbox apps. Xbox Smartglass lets you use this as a makeshift Xbox 360 controller. Xbox Live lets you keep track of anything like achievements, recently played, your avatar, etc.
5) Nokia Music lets you stream lots of music. FOR FREE!
6) Nokia HERE (Maps, Drive) are awesome! You can download GPS maps for offline use. Use it in the car for turn-by-turn directions, or use it while you're out and about for mapping. If this was the only feature this device had, it would be worth the MSRP!
7) You can swap the cover! If you get tired of the plain black color on this device, you can easily buy a colored variant from Nokia and just swap it out. The yellow one looks amazing!


1) There's no Front Facing Camera, so video calls are out.
2) It only has 512MB of RAM, which limits some apps. I've noticed very few that haven't been able to install, and none of them are deal-breakers.
3) The camera is 5MP, has no flash, and rather poor. But - it's still comparable or better than any Android device I've tested at this price point.
4) The display isn't the best, but what can you expect for the price? It's crisp and readable at WVGA resolution, and the nature of Windows Phone really makes up for any other shortcomings the display may have. The colors are pretty good, considering it's an IPS panel.

Note: I purchased this device directly from AT&T at full MSRP + sales tax. Any of my comments are based on that price point, which is definitely the upper limit you will see for this device. This phone is already listed cheaper here on Amazon just 3 days after it was released.

This phone (retail packaging from AT&T) DOES come with a USB cable. I previously stated that it did not, which is incorrect.

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5Great off contract phone at a steal of a price.
By Amazon Customer
I had an iPhone 5 a year ago and then it got stolen. I can't afford to buy another iPhone because it is off contract with AT&T and even the iPhone 4s would cost me over $350 off contract. I've been curious about Windows Phone 8 and thought this would be a good way to try it out. It is a Go Phone ( marketed for prepaid plans), but if you already have an AT&T post paid phone plan, simply swap in your own SIM card and it will work right out of the box with your current phone number and plan (If you have a larger SIM card you can buy a SIM cutter for under $5 and it should work fine).

I purchased this Nokia Lumia 520 phone from Amazon in mid-august 2013 (about 8 weeks ago). Anyways, I figured that for $100, I could try out WP8 operating system and if I didn't like it it would be not much of a risk or loss to me. So far, I have been really, really happy with it. It is pretty much equivalent in performance and specs to the iPhone 4s. With the Lumia 520, you lose the front camera and flash of the iPhone 4s, but you get a bigger 4-inch screen and bigger battery. The 520 only comes with 8 GB of storage, but I added a 16 GB SD card for a total of 24 gigabytes, which is more than enough for my purposes. Including the SD card, the total phone cost $115 (w/ free amazon prime shipping). I'd be satisfied with this phone if I paid $200 for it, but at $115 - I'm very happy indeed.

The only shortcoming I can think of is there are not as many Windows Phone apps as there are for Android or Apple iOS, but I will not take any stars off of the phone because that is not an issue with the phone and there are more WP apps coming every day. If this was my first smartphone, there would be no complaints whatsoever. I know Apple and Android really have the smartphone market locked up in the US, Japan and UK, but I think Windows Phone will really get a foothold in EU and the developing world, so lots more WP apps should be coming down the pipeline soon form enterprising app developers internationally.

My phone use is for texting first, camera second, phone calls third... fourth would be browsing the web while taking the bus to/from school, fifth as a music player and sixth for maps/directions. It does all of those things very well. The Nokia Camera app is great - I'm a photographer and I like that I can change the exposure by +- 2 stops, Nokia Here apps are awesome (maps, public transit and turn-by-tun driving) - the driving app even lets you download maps to your phone so you can get directions and view maps where there is no cell phone service (came very handy driving through the mountains in Western Nevada). The Nokia "Transfer MY Data" app was great and pulled all 300+ of my address book from an iPod Touch in about 20 seconds via bluetooth. I like the Windows Phone integration with SkyDrive and find it much easier to use and more user friendly than iCloud - there is a lot more customization options with SkyDrive whereas iCloud has a really dumbed down and simplistic interface over the web.

I've even been able to do a small amount of data tethering with my iPod Touch. I've only had to do it once when I had no Windows Phone app for what I wanted to do. I've hear AT&T locks out tethering from data plans unless you pay more, but I think it was only a small amount of data and since it went to a mobile device it was able to get thru the system. I think if I had tried to tether with a laptop, it might have been blocked. I wouldn't say this is a feature, and your mileage if you try this may vary.

I really like this phone and for the price ($100), I LOVE IT! I think my next phone may be a Windows Phone with LTE and I may end up getting an iPad for those few iOS apps I can do without.

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5Best smart phone value for Consumer Cellular users
By Paul Temple
As so many others have stated, this may be the best smart phone for the money. Our family is Apple centric when it comes to our desktop computers and we have several generations of iPads in the house. So we are comfortable with IOS and appreciate the wealth of educational apps available for our home school program and for for our entertainment. It would seem logical that we would gravitate to the iPhone but given our limited phone usage, but it didn't make sense to make the required investment. The Nokia 520 provides all the functionality we need and for $59, it was an incredible bargain. We simply inserted the Consumer Cellular micro SIM card, called CC to register the device's IEMI, entered the apn and mms apn settings, rebooted the phone and we were connected. I bought the phone for my wife and she finds it very easy to use. I had previously purchased a Nokia 920 for my own use, but I could be happy with a 520. I especially appreciate that it has a user replaceable battery that will extend the useful life of the phone.

We don't need an unlimited data plan as we'll connect with wifi at home for browsing or downloads. Likewise, the 8GB phone memory is not an issue because we will only install a few essential apps. The Windows Phone 8 OS is well sorted out, attractive, easy to use and updated with useful features. It would be great if Microsoft, Nokia or a third party created an app to sync iCal and Apple Contacts directly and avoid Google, but for now that doesn't seem to be in the cards.

Here are the pluses:
1. Convenient size
2. Acceptable camera for snaps (has autofocus but no flash).
3. Acceptable speaker volume, sound quality okay
4. Frequent W8 updates
5. Replaceable battery and back cover colors
6. Great Nokia Here maps and free voice aided navigation off line
7. Good screen for the price . . . we aren't watching HD movies on the phone
8. Micro SD slot for up to 64GB storage for photos and music
9. Bluetooth connections are easy to connect and stable

The minuses:
1. No flash, but most LED flash provides mediocre results at best
2. No front facing camera, but we don't do selfies
3. 512MB of RAM may be limited for some apps, but none we need or want
4. 8GB memory limits the number of apps that can be loaded, but is enough for our needs

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