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rooCASE Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Case - Dual View Multi-Angle Stand Tablet 7-Inch 7" Cover - BLACK

rooCASE Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Case - Dual View Multi-Angle Stand Tablet 7-Inch 7" Cover - BLACK

rooCASE Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Case - Dual View Multi-Angle Stand Tablet 7-Inch 7" Cover - BLACK
From rooCASE

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Product Description

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Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Model: YM-GALX7-TAB3-DV-BK
  • Dimensions: 7.70" h x 5.00" w x .70" l, .44 pounds
  • Display size: 7

Customer Reviews

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4Great case
By Rozo A.
I brought this on black friday for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (7inch)
It's a good case overall, my only problem is the stylus/pen.
The paint came off and the pen ink keeps sliding out, I was able to fix the ink with some tape, I feel the body of the stylus should of been made of plastic or at least it was a dyed metal. Instead of a painted metal. The paint began chipping from the connecting point, as well as the painted silver ring.

The case cuts are odd. when it comes to the cameras so often if the velcro isn't tight enough or you keep pressing the side buttons the tablet will slide a bit. Then when you open up your camera you notice there's a bit of a shadow or a piece of the case in the shot. Which leads to constant readjusting.

The case is durable meaning the purpose carried out.
A good case is required to keep your Samsung alive ~

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5rooCase for Samsung Galaxy Tab
By lisa
I am so glad I purchased this case for my tablet,while it was new. It has kept my tablet completely protected for almost two years. Once you have slipped your tablet into the protective sleeve ,there is a velcro tab to secure your tablet in place. When you do this,your camera is aligned with an opening cut specifically for it. No need to take it out to take a picture.
You can stand your tablet up with the case on,either vertically or horizontally. It makes using your tablet much easier. You don't have to hold it up or support it all of the the time.
It also comes with a stylus. You can use the stylus, which also has an ink pen on one end. It fits into it's own holder on the side of the case. I love it because it is so handy.
I would give this case ,six stars if it were possible! You won't regret this purchase at all.

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4Best case out there for the cost
After reading multiple reviews for various Galaxy Tab 3 cases I decided on this one because of the many great honest and descriptive reviews.This product consists of 3 removable parts; the actual cover/sleeve for the Galaxy Tab 3, the case/stand, and the stylus/pen. Both the case and sleeve are made of a soft synthetic leather. The device sleeve fits inside the case perfectly and is secured with velcro on the right hand side. Also on the outside of the right hand side of the case is an elastic loop for the stylus. There is, what appears to me a thin magnetic strip on the left hand side of the case and on the right hand side of the sleeve. When the clover is closed closed the magnet secures itself to the sleeve to prevent it from flopping open. On the inside of the case on the left hand side there are 3 different grooves which are used for helping the device to stand up.
The device fits perfectly into the sleeve while still allowing access to all of the devices buttons including an opening on the back of the sleeve and the case for taking pictures or videos. While the top corners of the device are covered by the sleeve the bottom ones are not. Once the device is placed in the sleeve I wouldn't recommend removing it very often, as it appears the frequent removal of the device from the sleeve could potential bend the sleeve or cause it damage. The velcro securely fastens the sleeve to the case although a little bit of care should be taken to make sure that you line it up properly so that cameral lense can be seen through the back of the case. Standing the device up horizontally is easy as flipping open the case and allowing the the left hand side of the device to sit behind one of the grooves. The left hand case flap can be moved 18 degrees. Because velcro is used to hold the device, it can be adjusted to various angles for viewing the screen both horizontally and vertically. Setting up the device vertically does requires a bit of tinkering to achieve the right balance.
The stylus comes in handy as the eraser end has a soft rubber tip which allows it to be used instead of your finger. I'm not sure why this stylus doubles as a pen.
My specific review of the rooCase Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Case.
1. I like the velcro for adjusting the screen for viewing when standing it up, especially when horizontal.
2. The magnetic strip on the case and sleeve ensures the case closes completely.
3. The sleeve fits perfectly allowing access to all of the buttons and the camera.
4. The addition of the stylus andd it's elastic holder is a plus.
5. The case and sleeve material give it a very professional look and feel.
6. The case is probably the least bulky one on the market.
7. The cost is much cheaper than other cases out there.
1. Can be tricky when standing the device vertically.
2. No protective covering for the bottom corners of the device by the sleeve.
3. The pen on the stylus is unnecessary.
4. Need to take special care when putting the sleeve in the case to ensure that it lines up correctly for a proper fit.

Overall I would recommend this Case over other cases on the market. the only real draw back is when standing it up vertically. It can be done but it does take a bit of manipulating. This isn't a real problem since videos are watched when the device is horizontal.

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