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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector Ultra Clear Premium HD Version - Anti Bubble and Dust Guarantee - 3 PACK

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector Ultra Clear Premium HD Version - Anti Bubble and Dust Guarantee - 3 PACK

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector Ultra Clear Premium HD Version - Anti Bubble and Dust Guarantee - 3 PACK
From iSmooth

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Product Description

Protect Your Investment

Why Thousands of People Choose the iSmooth Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector

- Protects this powerful phone against scratches and damage to the part of the phone that's REQUIRED for use, the easily-damaged glass screen
- Is made from the highest quality Japanese PET Film for the clearest, longest lasting screen protection
- Backed by the ONLY HD screen protector Free Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

The iSmooth Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector Kit Includes:

- Three (3) Ultra Clear HD Screen Protectors
- One (1) Large Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
- Two (2) Dust Removal Stickers
- One (1) Installation Instruction Card
- The iSmooth Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector Easy Install Video

iSmooth's Screen Protector PromiseTM

- Bubble-free guarantee
- Screen protector will stay on your device and outlast the use of your phone
- World's easiest installation: guaranteed easier installation than ANY competing screen protector or your money back
- Fanatical customer service: we promise to make your experience with iSmooth one you'll love

iSmooth creates ONLY the highest quality accessories for your mobile device investments. We know you want to protect what you own and we're here to help.

Every package includes detailed installation tips and instructions and also a link to our installation video which will show you step by step instructions to install your protector bubble-free, the first time.

The iSmooth Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector is backed by the iSmooth Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Click the button at the top of this page to order your very own iSmooth screen protector.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #103939 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Note 2 Ultra Clear
  • Brand: iSmooth
  • Model: 4327000845
  • Fabric type: Plastic
  • Dimensions: .20" h x 4.00" w x 6.10" l, .2 pounds


  • Latest Ultra Clear HD Premium Quality Japanese PET Material
  • Bubble-Free and No Rainbow effects
  • Easy Installation Guaranteed
  • Zero Halo and Lifting Guarantee
  • 3 Screen Protectors Included

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protectors - NEW 2013 Ultra Premium HD Version {1 pack of 3 from iSmooth}
By Jeanna
I was in need of a cell phone replacement and once I made up my mind which one it would be I began my search for accessories which is a prerequisite for the phone purchase. Gotta check out the accessories available before I get the phone. Well this was one of the 2 screen protector brands I tried and I absolutely will be buying these again. I have never had such a bubble free application of a screen protector before in my considerable experience with cell phones over the years. The iSmooth company is putting out not just a superior product but great customer service. I read the inserts and everything inside the package and a good thing I did! I was directed to their website and it had a great video demonstration of how to apply the screen protector! I was so shocked and amazed that a little direction can go a very long way.

Thanks iSmooth! You have a new and very happy customer with your product, the packaging, everything that is included with the screen protectors and some truly awesome customer service. You don't just get a tiny dust cloth with these screen protectors you get a full size cloth. Okay, I didn't measure it, but it was the same size if not larger than my new cell phone which has a 5.5" screen. It has a thank you card! Can you believe it. It also has some little stickies that you can use to get dust from between the screen and screen protector if you find any there after the installation.

I think many people feel that the directions should be enough to apply something as simple as screen protectors and for many that may be the case, but I am just telling you that it made a huge difference in my experience to have the video and not just the directions, which are also included on a card insert with the product.

So last but not least, they offer assistance while you are on the website if you desire it. Now this is something truly great in my opinion. Live help online while you shop or watch a product video. I am very happy I made this choice and I don't feel like I need to look for anything better. Thanks iSmooth, you are appreciated!

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5Great price for a great screen protector!
By Bob Cho
After much research I decided to get the iSmooth screen protector because of its great reviews, warranty, and it coming with 3 protectors in the package. There are cheaper screen protectors that you can get either from Amazon or Ebay but you are really taking a risk in terms of its quality.

Previously I didn't get a screen protector because you really can't simulate the feel of naked glass with a screen protector. Also, since the Note 2's front screen is curved at the edges, the protectors would not be able to go all the way to the edge or very close to the edge. That's why with any Note 2 screen protectors there will be a gap of maybe 1/8" from the edge of the glass. But in the end, I decided I would get a screen protector so I don't accidentally scratch my Note 2's screen.

The best things I like about iSmooth is that the the screen protector is really very clear with no rainbow effect that other protectors can exhibit. Also, the Dust Removal Sticker came in very handy a bunch of times. It's very convenient to use, much more than using some tape, and it helped me to remove a few dust particles that I missed after installing the screen protector. Finally, no other screen protector product came with such a big microfiber cloth!

Like other people here, I do recommend you install this in a steamy bathroom. The downside is, you sweat like crazy as you are installing it, and if you are slow and careful like me, then you might loose a pound or so in the process which can be a good thing. I actually accidentally installed mine maybe .5 - 1 mm off center which means that one edge is just at the curved part of the Note 2's screen. Unfortunately this means that the edge of the screensaver on the side with the lesser clearance is not sticking firmly but with a white Note 2, this is hardly visible and I am unwilling to go back into the bathroom and sweat like crazy to redo it or put another one on. It's been a couple weeks now and the edge that is not sticking is the same, in other words, it's not expanding or anything, which is very good.

The feel is different than just a naked glass screen, but as you use the protector it will get slipperier (is that a word?) and smoother with both finger and stylus. I only notice a grippy feel when I use an alcohol based cleaner which I do once in awhile. If you clean the protector with a cloth or in my case your shirt, then after just a few uses of the screen you will notice that it is very close to naked glass, even with the stylus (though I do prefer the slight friction I get when using the stylus with this protector because the glass always felt too slippery!).

For $10 on ebay and it coming with 3 protectors and a lifetime guarantee, you are getting a high quality product that can definitely compete and even surpass other higher priced screen protectors.

p.s. I would keep the dust removal stickers for later use.

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5Perfect install, best protector for S-Pen!
By GeezCheese
I am a long (10+ years) time smart-device user, development community member & technology writer. Needless to say, I have use about every type & brand of screen protector you can imagine & some you probably can't.

The iSmooth HD screen protector has done something for me consistently, that no other type or brand of protector has ever done. It install PERFECTLY, the first time, every time. I was so impressed, I decided to put it to the test. I gave one to a co-worker, only to see firsthand that she had the same first time perfect installation experience I did. But screen protectors are not just about alignment & ease of installation. Neither is iSmooth!

Firstly, let me say that this is not a cheap rubbery skin type protector. No, this is a glass-like protector that is smoother than butter & Ultra-HD clear. It is so clear & smooth, that you will forget it is there, until you think you've done something stupid to scratch the screen & remember you installed the iSmooth & realize that those keys in your pocket were no match for the awesome protection the iSmooth provides. This item also is hands down the best for use with the S-Pen on the Note & Note 2. It works great with all S-Pen tips & it is like using your S-Pen Wacom stylus on the bare screen, only it is somehow smoother. There are no indentations or grabbing of the screen by the tip of the S-Pen like you get with wet-install type protectors, just throw the iSmooth on & draw or write away, you'll totally forget it is there.

They have done a great job with this product & they are a company that is here to stay, not just make a few bucks & move on. The product is high quality 100%, from the very well designed packaging to the logo'd full size lint-free microfiber cleaning cloth & from the lint/alignment stickers to the actual screen saver itself, not to mention their customer service, which rocks! They are there for you, with installation videos & a solid product that they stand behind for the life of the device! You will not find a better HD clear screen protector at any price, definitely not with the service that accompanies this product.

I highly recommend the iSmooth Ultra Clear HD screen protector. The one & only downside to this product/company is that they don't YET make this for the Note 10.1 or the Nexus 10. I honestly hope they consider tablets in the future, especially S-Pen tablets, because the screen protector can make or break the S-Pen experience & iSmooth definitely makes using the S-Pen with a screen protector an absolute joy, because it is so smooth that you'll forget it is there!

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