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Sanoxy Bluetooth Keyboard with Folding Leather Cover Case and Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch P7500 / P7510, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetoooth Keyboard Case Black (SANOXY_GLXTAB-10)

Sanoxy Bluetooth Keyboard with Folding Leather Cover Case and Stand for  Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch P7500 / P7510, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetoooth Keyboard Case Black (SANOXY_GLXTAB-10)

Sanoxy Bluetooth Keyboard with Folding Leather Cover Case and Stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch P7500 / P7510, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetoooth Keyboard Case Black (SANOXY_GLXTAB-10)

Price: $33.99

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Product Description

SANOXY Wireless Bluetooth PU Leather Keyboard Case is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It not only protects your device it folds up neatly to be a stand so you can use your tablet at home, travelling or in the office. This leather case with a Bluetooth keyboard is easy to fit and convenient to use with your device. If the keyboard is not required then it simply folds behind your device, out of sight. This stunningly attractive and unique case is the ultimate compliment to the classy look of your device. The case has cut outs for all functions of your device, maintaining full functionality while in this case. Specifications: Suitable for: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with specific carriers and versions (See the incompatibilities above) Bluetooth version: 2.0 Sleeping current: <200 UA 100 MA Uninterrupted working time: 90 hours Charging time: 4-4.5 hours Polymer Batteries: Minimum 300 MAH Battery life: 3 years Battery specifications: 4.5 x 24 x 47 MM Key strength: 80+/-10g Key life: 500 million Operating temperature: -20-+55AC Storage temperature: -40-+70 AC

Product Details

  • Size: GALAXY TAB 10.1
  • Color: Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 bluetoooth keyboard case black
  • Brand: SANOXY
  • Model: SANOXY_GLXTAB-10
  • Dimensions: 1.40" h x 8.00" w x 11.30" l, 1.00 pounds
  • Networking: Wireless Bluetooth


  • Wireless Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard & folding protective leather case with stand. Intelligent and simple connection with wireless operation distance up to 10m. Comfortable typing instead of clumsy tapping.
  • Waterproof and dustproof design. Quiet keystrokes. Built-in high capacity lithium rechargeable battery which can last for approximately 90 hours per charge.
  • Decent and stylish folding protective leather case with stand make your Galaxy Tab use, view and carry more enjoyable. High grade PU leather for the case.
  • Package Contents: 1x Bluetooth Keyboard Case, 1x USB Cable,1x manual
  • Fits Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch, P7510, P7500

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

13 of 13 people found the following review helpful.
5Great price, OEM-like functionality, lightweight portability, Bluetooth simplicity!
By Badi Agni
I ordered this keyboard along with the Gear Head Bluetooth mouse mainly for use with my Samsung Galaxy Note II to enhance ease of use and functionality when running Windows 7 Professional over VM Ware to write papers, do research, and run statistical analyses while on the road or at school. As an insurance professional and a university student, I write a LOT of papers and run a LOT of statistical analyses, and loved the idea of being able to do this from my phone anywhere I am at instead of lugging around a laptop, however, trying to navigate tens of thousands of spreadsheet cells on a touchscreen left a lot to be desired by way of practicality and productivity. I was skeptical of such a low-priced keyboard, but based on other reviews, it seemed solid enough to give it a whirl. Purchasing this keyboard and a Bluetooth mouse for my Galaxy Note II was the best accessory I've gotten for it, and I wish I had done so back when I first got the phone in November 2012.

- Pricing:
For just under $15.00, this keyboard is a steal. It is more than simply basic, and almost identical to the OEM Mac wireless keyboard in its functionality.

- Presentation:
The keyboard comes shrink wrapped in medium weight plastic, set in a cardboard box with no cushioning. A layer of bubble wrap or foam would have been a nice touch, as I opened my keyboard to find the left Function key and right Shift key were dislodged and free-floating in the shrink wrapping. It is a bit tricky getting the keys to sit right back into the chiclet grooves, especially with the additional hassle of needing to reseat the metal prongs for the Shift key, but a little finagling returned everything back to normal. Anyone who has used laptop keyboards for any length of time would be familiar with this installation, and if not, there is not much of a learning curve. However, since it was only $15, I was fine with the minor inconvenience of reseating two keys in exchange for keeping the price point low.

- Physical Feel:
This is your standard chiclet membrane keyboard, found in most Mac laptops since late 2008. The feel is almost identical to that of the early 2008 MacBook Pro I had used for nearly the past five years, so it felt surprisingly "like home" to me when I first tried it out—definite bonus in my book for a $15 keyboard. While the overall size profile of the keyboard is very thin and compact, the spacing between the keys is right on and not cramped at all. The response is quick, snappy, and does not require as much physical exertion to depress as similar membrane/chiclet keyboards. It is not as mushy as the Logitech K360 Wireless Keyboard I also use with my Mac Mini, which I feel is a fairly standard representation of most membrane keyboards out there currently. The click of the keys is a pleasant, satisfying sound, not overly loud. The only annoyance on my particular keyboard is a slight squeak coming from the Delete key. The keyboard overall does have a bit of a delicate feel to it, so I would definitely take great caution not to accidentally drop this onto the floor—I feel that it would be easily dented and a bunch of chiclet keys would go flying out on impact from any height. Nothing irreparable, but annoying to resolve.

- Design:
The font used on the keys is almost identical to that used on OEM Mac keyboards, and the overall aesthetic design is nearly identical to an OEM Mac keyboard, making this a great matchup to any Mac product for nearly one-fifth the price of the OEM wireless keyboard. The front facing plate appears to be some sort of lightweight metal resembling aluminum, and the back of the keyboard is a thick white plastic with rounded rubber feet built in on all four corners. It takes two AAA batteries installed in a bar under the top of the keyboard, providing a nice, natural angle on which to type. There is a small rectangular blue LED above the F11 key that will flash with strobe-like frequency when the batteries are running low, which is rather annoying, but does get your attention and motivate you to change the batteries sooner rather than later. The only downside of the design is the lack of a numeric keypad, however for portability, this makes the most sense and is a fair trade-off especially when packed for traveling. Even with batteries installed, the keyboard weighs less than my Galaxy Note II.

- Usage:
The F-keys serve a dual-function keys similar to OEM keyboards (Exposé/Spaces, iTunes Play/FF/REW, Volume Up/Down/Mute), and when used in OS X and in conjunction with the Fn key, respond in a similar fashion. There is also a key with a blank square icon located to the left of F1, that when used while typing in a text editor window on OS X, provides a drop down suggestion word list similar to those found on most smartphones. A slightly annoying oddity is the "Del" key which is paired with a lock icon and located to the right of F12—when depressed, it signals my Mac to the shutdown prompt, which can be accidentally hit if you overshoot the Delete key located directly underneath it; when depressed in conjunction with the Fn key, it behaves as expected, deleting text located to the right of the cursor. There is no discernible lag in the response time, and the Bluetooth connection is solid.

- Ease of Use:
The keyboard comes in a box with no instructions, and has a simple On/Off toggle switch on the rear next to an inset "Connect" button. All that is necessary to pair with your device of choice is to ensure Bluetooth is enabled, switch the keyboard On, and hit the Connect button. The device pops up seconds later on your device, and after entering in a four or eight digit key sequence, the keyboard is paired and ready to go. And of course, since it's Bluetooth, no need to waste a USB slot on your device with a wireless dongle.

- Overall Quality:
The bottom line is that this IS a cheap, $15 keyboard, so a tiny bit of extra effort to protect the chiclet keys from popping out during transport would be prudent. I will definitely wrap this keyboard in some kind of secured soft cushioning to protect the keys from falling out while traveling on my upcoming business trip over the next two weeks. This is a great companion to my Galaxy Note II, and as a bonus, has enhanced the usage of my Mac Mini with the OEM keyboard setup. I actually prefer the feel of this keyboard to that of my Logitech K360, despite the Logitech having a full numeric keypad that I rely on so much. This a great, inexpensive option to the Mac OEM keyboard, which would be especially useful to university students and anyone on a budget. While it is cheap, typing on it is a pleasure, especially when you remember with every keystroke that you DIDN'T spend $80 on an OEM Mac keyboard that will do nearly the exact same thing.

- Bottom Line:
Great price, great functionality, works with Mac or Android with no problems whatsoever. Also, did I mention it's FIFTEEN DOLLARS? Don't over think it, just buy it. You'll be satisfied for all your basic typing needs on the go or at your computer's home base.

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45 stars for function and 1 star for documentation - still a value
By Mike Tarrani
I purchased this as a gift for a friend who has both an iPhone 4 and iPad. When it arrived I decided to test it out on my Android phone to make sure it worked properly.

Much to my dismay it had no instructions in the box, nor any written on the box. What threw me is the Connect button sits in a shallow recess that felt like it was an indicator light. Fortunately I am both technical and tenacious. On a hunch I took a ballpoint and pressed the button lightly while my Galaxy Note II was scanning. Bam! It paired. When I told my phone to connect it told me to enter a 4-digit number sequence in the keyboard, and it connected effortlessly. See the customer-supplied images at the top of this page for photos.

Had I been a non- or quasi-technical person I would have probably given up and shipped it back for a refund. As it turns out this is one of the nicest keyboards I have come across. The quality is remarkable for such a low cost device, and if you are using this with an iPhone or iPad then I think you will find this to be not only functional, but a visual delight as well.

Here are the instructions for anyone who is researching keyboards and decides to order this one. Please refer to my uploaded photos for visual reinforcement.

(1) place 2 AAA batteries in the battery compartment.

(2) move the On/Off switch to the left to place it in the on position.

(3) go into your device's settings and find the bluetooth settings screen. Have it scan for new devices.

(4) depress the Connect button on the back of the keyboard (it is to the right of the On/Off switch). You may need to use the tip of a ballpoint pen or similar object because the depression in which the button sits is small and shallow. My finger was too large to depress it without a ballpoint.

(5) it will appear on your screen once it is paired. Next, tell your device to connect to it, then follow the onscreen instructions by entering the number displayed on your screen using the keyboard and pressing ENTER.

I am so impressed that I am ordering one for my own phone. I hope the manufacturer gets a clue and creates a simple instruction sheet. It would take a single side of a page, and would significantly enhance the ownership experience and satisfaction of new customers who are not tech-savvy.

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4A Great Product for a Great Price!
By CassandraC
I received a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab 10.1 as a gift, but wanted a stand and keyboard as I wanted the advantages that a laptop environment provides, especially when using my tablet in my bedroom. I love this item. It arrived when estimated and was less than $35 including the shipping costs. That to me is a steal! My tablet slides right into the pocket provided and the Bluetooth link up with the keyboard works fine. Typing on the smaller keyboard and the pressure required to tap the keys is a minor adjustment. I don't expect it to feel like a regular keyboard, so that is fine with me. I don't give it 5 stars because my only problem is that the stand slips when you move around too much. It has a notch type stand as you can see from the display. I was aware of this before I purchased it and that isn't a huge deterrent as I know how to adjust for it. It is not a problem when it is placed on a sturdy surface such as a table, desk or counter. It is a problem when balancing it on your lap, lol, so use one of those laptop stands or breakfast in bed tray or something similar and you should have no slippage problems with the stand. A really great product for a really great price. I recommend you try this item before purchasing the more expensive items. It's worth it. It is not cheaply made. Good quality for a reasonable price. A good buy!

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