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Nokia 3595 Phone (AT&T)

Nokia 3595 Phone (AT&T)

Nokia 3595 Phone (AT&T)
From Nokia

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  • Brand: Nokia

Editorial Reviews

Compatible with Cingular cell phone service, the Nokia 3595 is at the top end of Nokia’s entry-level 30 series phones, offering the basic Nokia features plus data capabilities through its Java support and advanced messaging. The Nokia 3595 phone comes in the familiar slim Nokia package, but has a larger and unique keypad design and a full 4,096-color display.

This device supports messaging via SMS and MMS, enabling you to create, send, edit, and forward messages with text and images to compatible phones. You can also receive messages with text, image, and sound, and instant message from friends or business associates. The GPRS connection ensures high-speed data transmission over the phone's XHTML browser, providing users with quick access to Internet. The 3959 is also compatible with the many downloadable, Java-based business applications available online.

For fun, the Nokia 3595 provides preloaded polyphonic ring tones, wallpapers, animated screen savers, and picture messages--plus the memory to download more. The device also features four games (Backgammon, Sky Diver, Air Glide, and Bowling), and changeable covers in various colors. The 500-contact phone book lets you assign up to five phone numbers and three text entries for each contact. Other standard organizational features include a calendar with up to 500 entries, a to-do list with up to 30 entries, and an alarm clock with snooze. The phone book, calendar, and to-do list can be synchronized with a PC using SyncML software over the WAP connection.

For hearing-impaired customers, the 3595 offers TTY/TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) compatibility with the phone adapter. The extended Li-Ion battery is rated for up to 5.5 hours of digital talk time and 10 days of digital standby time

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5Five Stars
Very nice!

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4Four Stars
By Amazon Customer
Old technology. Works well.

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5A Basic & Dependable Workhorse
By Kort
I've owned my Nokia 3595 (through T-Mobile) for about 10 years and still love it. It is tough, easy to use, and the stand-by battery life still lasts about a week. Both reception and audio quality are excellent. I've long since stopped my monthly plan and pay $100 a year for 1000 minutes (and have never used them all). I'm a very light user, saving it for quick calls and emergencies, so I don't really need anything more. It feels great to save money and have a dependable phone on hand.

Obviously it is not for everyone in this age of do-everything smartphones, but it suits my needs perfectly. I would also recommend it for parents who want to get their kids a nearly bullet-proof emergency phone, but want to save money and not "distract" their kids with internet access and tempting apps. As of this writing, it can be found unlocked starting at around $20. I'm considering picking up another one because my wife prefers my 3595 to her more modern touch screen Samsung. Nokia hit a home run when they made this model, and the ball is still in the air.

UPDATE: 07/17/2015 - Mine finally started having issues recently where calls would go through, but I could not hear the person on the other end. It worked on and off. Removing the battery to reset for the closest tower didn't help. My wife and I ended up getting the iPhone6. A lot more $ but what a difference. The Nokia 3595 worked great for a long time though. A 10 year old cell phone!!!

~ Kort

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